Privacy Policy

October 12, 2020

This Privacy Policy is to be read together with the Terms and Conditions. Defined terms used here shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Terms and Conditions unless the context otherwise admits.

Cheqyn’s Services include an attendance tracking web application to assist businesses to record key information of staff reporting to their premises in a contactless manner. By using the web application, the Client and its User(s) agree to provide accurate information (name, email, phone number, employee ID) which would assist the Client to keep track of Employee attendance and facilitate Visitor management.

This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time and each Client, User and Site visitor are encouraged to stay updated and informed on the amendments.

By accessing the Site or utilising the Services, each Client, User and Site visitor agrees and consents to the following:


Clients and their authorised Users are responsible to accurately enter information through the Services and printing the QR code generated for scanning purposes. They will have access to the Personal Data collected of their Employees and Visitors.

Types of Personal Data Collected

The list of Personal Data collected and stored by the Services include, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Name;
  2. NRIC/Passport No;
  3. Email address;
  4. Telephone and mobile phone numbers;
  5. Team (if an Employee);
  6. Employee ID number (if an Employee);
  7. Office name, address and Location (if an Employee);
  8. Company (if a Visitor);
  9. Name of Client Employee the Visitor is meeting (if a Visitor);
  10. Body temperature;
  11. Other identifiers, such as nationality, ethnic origin, postal address, social networking website user account names, or other addresses at which you are able to receive communications;
  12. Demographic information, such as age, birthdate and gender;
  13. Commercial information;
  14. Location information, such as information related to your state, district, city or neighbourhood
  15. Financial information, such as information collected from you as needed to process payments for the Services, such as the Paid Subscription;
  16. Internet and network activity information: such as information about your browsing behaviour, search history, and interactions with websites and advertisements, including data from cookies, pixel tags, and web beacons; and
  17. Inferences regarding preferences and other characteristics.


All Personal Data collected, whether through the Site or through the Services, will be stored in a centralised server which is accessible only by Cheqyn and occasionally by Government agencies (upon request), for tracking and contact-tracing purposes. This Personal Data will not be utilised, transferred, forwarded, sold and/or furnished to a third party unless required by law (e.g. to assist the Government with contract tracing for COVID-19).

All Personal Data is stored to assist Clients to track patrons to their premises in a contactless manner. Cheqyn may use Personal Data to:

  1. Operate, maintain, and improve the Services and other programmes, features, and functionality related to the Services;
  2. Messaging and interacting with Clients, including answering questions and responding to requests;
  3. Improve privacy;
  4. Perform analytics and conduct Client/User research;
  5. Communicate and provide additional information that may be of interest to the Client about Cheqyn and our business partners, sometimes by combining Personal Data information with information we obtain from other sources;
  6. Send the Client reminders, technical notices, updates, security alerts, support and administrative messages, service bulletins, marketing messages, and requested information, including on behalf of our business partners;
  7. Administer surveys, questionnaires, contests or other promotional activities or events sponsored by us or our business partners;
  8. Manage Cheqyn’s everyday business needs, such as administration of the Services, fulfilment, analytics, fraud prevention, and enforcement of our corporate reporting obligations, the Agreement, or to comply with the law;
  9. Allow potential candidates to apply for a job, make a complaint, participate in any surveys, or sign up for newsletters or updates from Cheqyn, our business partners, or other companies;
  10. Verify the Client’s requests made pursuant to this Data Processing Agreement or Privacy Policy; and
  11. Enable Cheqyn or our business partners to send to any Client, User or Visitor any marketing materials, advertisements or collaterals, including but not limited to, information about the Services.

Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

Cheqyn will collect, store and handle Personal Data in accordance with the PDPA and the laws of Malaysia.


Personal Data will be stored in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Legislation.


The Services use SSL encryption for secure data transfer between the mobile app and server.